Your Best Vision Board Ever

I just love these things. I won’t stop talking about vision boards. They just make me feel so good!

In this first video, you’ll see how I created my latest one. I blogged about how to create your mission statement for your board in this post. And let me tell you, it was so great to see my great new board when I woke up this morning!

This second video is about things to keep in mind when incorporating your vision board into your law of attraction habits. When I look at other people’s vision videos on Youtube, I always wonder if the mansions, cars and vacation pics that are used really help the person focus on their goals. I also wonder how many people are successful in manifesting those things, because they’re not very targeted to a specific goal (or at least don’t seem to be in my point of view, I could always be wrong). For more on focusing on specific goals, read this post that I wrote a while back.

10 thoughts on “Your Best Vision Board Ever

  1. BOOM…POW…Really? Great Job Anilia, I really love the incorporation of the youtube guide I think it is a very helpful element for all of us visual people! It’s one thing to read up on information about an idea you maybe working on, but to see step by step ways of doing it is great!

    I do have my on visual board although I haven’t visited it in a while! Mine is in the form of a portfolio versus the tradition board!

    In addition, I think that your comments on the laws of attraction were on point! I especially appreciated you reinforcing that you have to be taking steps to make your goals conducive to achieve versus writing them down or seeing them on your vision board and thinking that we’re magically going to fall into them!

    1. Thanks for your comment Stu! You know I am visual too so this was alot of fun for me. One of my previous vision boards was actually a journal, where I had pics of my goals/dreams and then would write about them, like visualizing on paper. I still have that one too but the more I do them, the more customized they become to who I really am…

  2. It’s great to see the step by step process of actually putting a vision board together. I’ve never actually done a vision board per say, but I’ve typed, printed and taped my goals in visual places so that I’m constantly reminded of what I’m working towards. I love the way your’s looks. Oh and the part about people coming over and seeing what you have on your board? That has always bothered me. It’s like…I kinda don’t really want them to see what’s going on inside this brain of mine. I’ll work on developing your attitude, LOL! This is great!

    1. Thanks Patrenia! Maybe you can do a vision joural like how I described for Stuart… then when you are more comfortable with people seeing your pics and such, you can do a bigger one to hang on a wall. How about making a family vision board where your hubby and kids can all put their desires on there too? That way yours doesn’t stand out, it’ll almost be like everyone in your home has one. Another suggestion is to do one in Powerpoint and then just watch your slideshow daily…

  3. Anilia, I have a vision board that is actually now in need of updating and framing, and you have inspired me to get to work on that sooner rather than later. I think yours is great and I especially love that you actually included your Vison/Mission statement in the center of it, and that you included the different category titles. I am not truly excited to create a new one since a few of my goals have changes since I did the last one. Thanks for your constant motivation!
    peace & blessings

    1. Thanks Ayanna, and thanks for reading! For the goals you’ve already reached, take this opportunity as you begin to think about your new board, to pat yourself on the back for those desires that have manifested for you! That’s wonderful! And this is also time where you can think about what your new desires are, and how grateful you are for the ones that you are now able to remove from your board. If this process feels like a chore for you, just wait till you’re excited… your desires will always be there, calling out to you…

    1. Hey Richard,

      those resources I mentioned were a part of the vision board phenomenon. I don’t think you need them honestly. In my opinion, all you need is your board and your imagination. Here’s another good video on how to use your vision board:

      How To Use Your Vision Board To Manifest The Fastest Weight Loss Possible

      even though he’s talking about weight loss, you can apply this to any goal that you want to manifest.

      I mentioned Mind Movies, here’s the link:

      Mind Movies

      And here’s my own vision board movie that I made using Microsoft Movie Maker software (it came on my computer):

  4. Hi Anilia,

    Thanks for this post on vision boards. I still have the one I created a few years ago and I just keep adding to it. I love how it makes me feel when I visualize all the things. Since practicing and learning more about the law of attraction, I find myself learning more universal laws exist as well. I won’t name all but the law of expectation is the other one that I love to use along with the law of attraction as they are similar but I can ‘tap into’ my feelings better to ‘expect’ a desired outcome. Thanks again for the great post and blog overall.

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