You Are NOT An Entrepreneur


It’s been really difficult for me to write lately, as I’ve felt frustrated.

Sometimes I feel that my message is not getting through to you. Sometimes I feel that people don’t see how important it is to act today.

I hope today’s post really inspires you to take action on your goals and realize that today is all we have.

Are you an entrepreneur? Have you learned how to push past your fear and move toward your dream?

3 thoughts on “You Are NOT An Entrepreneur

  1. As you note, it is hared to pursue your dreams with positive passion when everyday life can get in the way. Yet, with the tools for success easily accessible and the distribution channel to publish your products so inexpensive, the barriers to success are much smaller than ever before. If the problem is too few women in tech startups, the answer really is with and within women ourselves. The advantages of social communication and collaboration help us all approach the day when opportunities and advancement are merit-based. You can see more of this article at:
    TekEsq recently posted: Twitter Your Way to the Perfect Pitch

  2. You’ve done it again! <3 Love! Love! Love what you're saying! And, I will be sharing this video everywhere because you have spoken the truth. In another post I read, you were saying you had writer's block and you felt like you weren't really helping anyone. You're helping me! So, please don't stop.

    Much love,

    Brandi recently posted: I Think God is a Woman!

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