You Are Already Enough

We have this misconception in our society that in order to be successful, you have to become someone else. “I’m working toward the person that God made me to be”, we say. But if we’re made to be something – aren’t we already what we’ve been made to be?

This mindset ties into the inherent belief that we aren’t good enough. Let me ask you – why aren’t you good enough? Exactly as you are? What changes do you believe you need to make in order to be a successful person?

If you’ve not received any other message I’ve written about, please believe me when I say – you’re good enough, just as you are, to reach your dreams. You’re not broken. You don’t need to be fixed.

The better version of yourself does not exist. You will not become smarter, better, more attractive or more financially stable before you reach your goals. This type of mindset keeps you stuck where you are because you think that you have to improve yourself first before you can be a success.

YOU are not beauty, money, health or intelligence. These are all characteristics, they are not who you are. So who ARE you, really? In my humble opinion, once you know who you REALLY are then you’ll see that these characteristics are outside of yourself. If you’ve been created to be something then you have everything within you already. You are ALREADY who you were created to be.

Isn’t it time for you to step into your destiny?

The only thing holding you back is you. You may not have the external status that shows you’re already this supposed better version of yourself. But the tools you need, the skills you’ve been born with, and your unique vision of the world are already there. Oprah was born as she is, she just had to step into her own greatness for the external status to align and come to her.

Do you think you’re any different?

So instead of holding back and waiting for the arrival of your better self, open your arms and welcome her or him in. Your mind is the only hurdle you have to get over. Once you have the belief in yourself that you’re already whole, complete and great – and the faith to see your goals through – nothing can stop you, but you.

It’s time you stop waiting and start moving forward.

6 thoughts on “You Are Already Enough

  1. I came across this post by accident but this was an error of good fortune. Your insight and words of motivation have taught me a valuable lesson. I needed a push to recalibrate my mindset. This post provided the kinetic energy for me to once again to move forward.

    We sometimes forget who we are and what we have actually accomplished. Too often we day dream and even fantasize about being that better version of ourselves. Chasing this version only wastes time and energy because the mind always puts this version just out of our reach. Our achievements must be measured in the here and now and based upon an acceptance that we really have done something positive. Self doubt is a mental block that can paralyze action. You are correct in reminding us that we already have the tools to carve our own success story.

    The post is well written and its message if forcefully delivered.
    Paul Jones recently posted: New York City Is Over Weight

    1. thanks for your thoughtful comment Paul.

      I tend to disagree with you though. While it’s true we downplay who we really are, I don’t think we forget. Especially us women, we are taught to be modest to the point where we dilute our power.

      I don’t think it’s a waste to pursue the version of yourself that lives in your head. Like you said, action is mandatory to make that dream come alive. But only if one realizes that that person can be real if enough of the right action is taken. Even if you can never be that person – continuing to reach forward, and having that ideal to follow, is not a waste of time.

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