Why You Need To Be Authentic In Your Online Business

be authentic

On Monday I witnessed something really crazy on Facebook.

I follow a comedian named Wayne Colly aka Kountry Wayne. He posts short comedic videos several times a day and has over 1 million (yes, MILLION) followers. I particularly enjoy them because I’m from the south and I enjoy hearing his familiar accent. Sometimes I inbox his videos to my best friends or send them the link via text message.

DeLorean is a musician/network marketer with over a million Facebook fans also. I don’t follow his page but I see his posts on my timeline when my friends share them. He posts funny and entertaining videos (great strategy to get fans for free) that have the qualities to make them go viral.

I noticed a few weeks ago that DeLorean was posting Wayne’s videos. Not sharing them – so you can see that the original posts were Wayne’s – but directly uploading them to his page with the caption “follow DeLorean for more videos”. After the third instance or so I knew that eventually the proverbial sh*t would hit the fan.

And that’s what happened on Monday morning.

Wayne posted a video (it has since been deleted) bringing to his fans’ attention that DeLorean was stealing his videos and uploading them as his own. He chastised him, saying “what kind of man tries to be someone else?”

Wayne’s fans took to DeLorean’s page and flooded his posts with negative comments. It wasn’t pretty…





To add fuel to the fire, a Youtube video surfaced from 3 years ago. Apparently DeLorean has done this before.

It Pays To Be Authentic

We’re no longer in the age when the internet was shiny and new. When you could post anything online and it was a big deal. Now, anyone with a smart phone and a social media account has a legitimate shot at becoming a star. And alot of people who use social media are aware that users who have a large fan/follower base have opportunities to generate income based on audience size.

Once you get people to know, like and trust you – one of the keys to making sales online – you do not want to violate that trust. You can see how quickly people will turn on you if they feel they’ve been manipulated.

If you’re just starting online, haven’t gotten results yet to build your credibility, or you’re just not where you want to be – there’s no reason to lie or pretend to be something that you’re not.

People will like and appreciate you for who you are. Your perfect customer is out there looking for you, and they’re hungry for the unique message you have inside you.

But when you front to gain fans, you smother that message. You don’t come to the world with your best.

No one likes a fraud. Don’t go out like this dude.

Be Careful Who You Listen To

Ironically enough, someone followed me today on Instagram that needs to read this post.

He states in his bio that he’s retired at 28 and promotes a travel company… yet there are no pics from his trips (only a hotel room shot and a shot of him standing on the beach fully clothed). Most of his pics of himself are either in his car, at a recruiting party or of him flashing money.

By him not being who he really is, we don’t see the real guy underneath the (flimsy) facade. He could have an amazing story and have the chance to really help people build their business. Instead, he’s a carbon copy of something he’s seen someone else do.

This is very dangerous. Most people promoting their businesses online or starting online businesses don’t have marketing skills. They just do what they see other people doing, without questioning whether it really works or if these strategies will sustain their business long-term.

So if you know you don’t know what to do, find a good mentor to help you. Don’t be quick to buy product after product without working on your mindset and taking action.

With the right marketing skills you won’t have to put up a front. People will follow you because of who you rally are.

2 thoughts on “Why You Need To Be Authentic In Your Online Business

  1. Great article! It lead me to think of other another topic. How do you give credit where credit is due? For instance if I would like to share an idea, an article, or good information on your own site. What is the appropriate way to “site” information or ideas you find valuable online? Is linking the original source sufficient or is permission needed?


    1. that’s a great question! My nerdy sense is tingling lol…

      For social media, its tough because we’re always saving funny memes and sharing things we enjoy. I think mentioning where you got the content from/tagging the source is sufficient. On a website you should include a link… especially on blog posts, the blogger should say “content from xyz.com”.

      For example I went to a blog I read often, and the writer stated at the bottom of his post: Photo acknowledgement: “Cartoon Businessman With Error Computer” by iosphere and “My Blog Sign Means Web Site And Websites” by Stuart Miles at freedigitalphotos.net.

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