Why I Started This Blog

prosechildHi ladies and gents, my internet name is Prosechild. Thanks for reading my blog. I started this blog as an evolution from my previous blog, Black Women and Girls. That blog was a marketing arm of my t-shirt business, Black Girl Tees. So you see, I’m all about progression :-)  


I love to discuss issues that affect the self-esteem and standard of beauty of black women and girls. I’m also interested in issues that affect the practices, habits and outlook on internet entrepreneurs. My site has been online for about a year and I’m proud of the progress I’ve made so far. I’ve found, though, that mindset and outlook have 85% to do with the successes I’ve made so far. I’ve also found that I love to motivate and encourage others along whatever paths they’re traveling to their own successes. Thus, I think of myself as the Motivated Sista.  


So let’s stay motivated, encouraged and enthusiastic for the positive aspects occurring in our lives. There are definitely ways to find your joy every day, and I’ll discuss those ways here as well. I hope you find my site a breath of fresh air and a place to come and visit often.