Why Can’t You?

Why can’t you be as great as you dream to be?

Why can’t you accomplish everything you set out to do?

Why can’t you be successful, inspired and motivated?

Why can’t you ignore the naysayers and show them who you really are?

Why can’t you move now, instead of waiting for everything to be perfect?

Why can’t you feel the fear, and do it anyway?

Why can’t you trust that everything you need is already inside you?

Why can’t you have faith that everything will work out in your favor?

Why can’t you accept that failure is a part of growing, and try again?

Why can’t you have an unshakable belief in your own abilities?

Why can’t you feel how loved, blessed and prepared you are?

Why can’t you see that right now is your time to shine?

6 thoughts on “Why Can’t You?

  1. Thank you (saying that in a heartfelt tone).

    I can and I know it and I do it and I accept it, but then sometimes I slip. Sometimes the past tries to creep in. Then who I am destine to be kicks me in the butt, I smash the past down (it will not control my present, nor destroy my future), and the doors open to confirm my destiny and purpose.

    I know that this is my time to shine.

  2. Sometimes we create fear through not taking action. The longer we stand still the greater the fear becomes.

    I recommend taking one thing that you have been putting off and tackle it.

    Have a goal in mind that once it is completely what would happen. Always have a goal in mind.

  3. This really hits home with me because I have always put everyone first. I am now trying to train myself to put me first. These words are encouraging and I am printing them out and putting them in my car, office, pocketbook and mirror.

  4. I absolutely love this!!! I just put it on a poster on my wall so that I can read it every morning I wake. Thanks

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