Top 5 Posts of 2010

This year was really big for Motivated Sista. I wrote my tail off, and I’m spending time this evening going through some of the posts from this year. Its part of my planning for 2011.

Hopefully you’ve begun your goal-setting for 2011. Join us on Sunday as we discuss how to have a motivated year. Click here to register.

Between the call on Sunday and the posts I list below, there’s plenty of motivation for you to kick of 2011 with a bang.

Here are the top 5 posts on Motivated Sista for 2010:

10 Inspiring Quotes By Black Women

This post, by far, is my most read post. I was feeling particularly inspired one night and I sat and wrote this. If you guys are on the Motivated Sista fan page, you know that I LOVE quotes. If you do too, you should check this post out.

Your Best Vision Board Ever

I just love these things. I won’t stop talking about vision boards. They just make me feel so good! This post contains 2 videos, that show you step-by-step how I made my most recent vision board. Making a new vision board is a great way to start 2011… hmm, maybe I’ll make another one!

Come Drop In My Bucket

I shared my bucket list and invited everyone to share their ideas with me. This was alot of fun and I really enjoyed it, I hope you did too.

3 Ways Black People Hold Ourselves Back

In honor of Black History Month, I thought it fitting to write about ways we as black people tend to hold ourselves back. I find it ironic that after facing slavery, Jim Crow and the Civil Rights movement, we find ways to keep ourselves and other black people from succeeding. If anything, we’d want to succeed to prove that racists are wrong about us, right?

You Are Not Your Circumstances

We all know that the only constant is change… but sometimes it can feel that someone has hit the pause button and you’re stuck in the exact same spot. In order to break free, try to move forward. Even if that means a very small step, just move.

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