Top 5 Limiting Beliefs Holding You Back


You have a dream inside of you that won’t die.

You have a passion that burns bright and hot; you were born with gifts that we’re all waiting for you to share with the world.

So why are you holding yourself back?

If you’re like most people, you have a small, persistent voice in your head that pops up during your weak moments. It reminds you of your failures, it pokes holes in your plans, and it makes you feel 2 feet tall.

Why do you listen to it? Why do you believe the lies it tells you?

There are 5 specific things you may be telling yourself that can hold you back from success. Once you’re in the grip of fear it’s very hard to think rationally and see the bigger picture. We’ve all been there – here’s how to feel the fear and move forward anyway.

You Don’t Have Enough Time

It’s very difficult for a person who works a full time job, has kids, is in school, or has any number of time-consuming responsibilities to work consistently on a business goal. Difficult, but not impossible. History is filled with the success stories of those who overcame incredible odds to make their dreams happen.

When your mind starts telling you what you don’t have, reverse the thought and remind yourself of what you do have. Even if its 10 or 15 minutes a day, that’s 10 or 15 minutes more than not doing anything at all. If you’re strapped for time, it will take you longer to get there… but you will get there if you don’t allow yourself to believe you can’t do it because of your circumstances.

You Don’t Have Enough Money

How much money do you need to get your business idea off the ground? I find that most people don’t really know what they need. If you develop a plan with financial information included, then you can find ways to fund your dream. The money doesn’t have to come from you – but if you start your vision with ‘I Can’t’, then what Henry Ford says is true.









You Don’t Know Enough

It’s often been said that the difference between those who are successful and those who aren’t, is that those who are successful don’t wait to work on their goals. They start from where they are and learn the necessary skills along the way.

The irony about this limiting belief is that you will always learn new skills and information to improve your business; in essence you could never get started because there will always be something you don’t know.

One of the best teachers is experience. Some things can’t be mastered in your head or from reading a book – you have to get in the trenches and actively work on your goals to attain that specific knowledge.

You’re Too Old

 How does your age relate to your likelihood of success? Do you believe that, beyond a certain age, you won’t be able to accomplish your vision?

You are just as likely to lose today as you are tomorrow. What’s more important is that the longer you wait, the harder it will be to even start. So if you haven’t given up, start today. As long as you’re not dead, you still have a shot.

You’re Too Young

Here are 3 articles about kids who started their businesses despite their age, and are seeing results from their ambition:

There are rational solutions to the doubts that circle in your mind. You can’t move forward if you don’t acknowledge that your fear is an obstacle you can move past. The world is waiting for your brilliance – but first you must get out of your own way and allow yourself to succeed.

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