The Passion Paycheck: How to get paid for doing what you love

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Have you heard the phrase “do what you love and the money will follow” but you weren’t sure how?

One of the biggest realizations I’ve had about business is that information is more valuable than labor. Service businesses will always exist; but we’re living in the ‘information age’, where the next innovation or twist on an old model commands top dollar. Just as Facebook came behind Myspace, Uber followed the traditional taxi service and Netflix capitalized off of our familiarity with Blockbuster, there are very few new things under the sun.

You, however, are the missing link between an idea and a profitable passion-based business. Your love for your passion, years of knowledge from taking part in it, and unique personality all blend together and provide something unique to the marketplace. It’s my goal, over the next 21 days, to show you how to take your passion and turn it into a profitable online business. There are a myriad of ways to monetize your passion-centered website and I’ll show you how to do that.

I hope you seriously considered waking up to something you love every day, while working out of the comfort of your home, instead of fighting traffic and missing quality time with your family in order to build someone else’s dream.

There is one caveat, however…

There are some passions that you just won’t be able to monetize. In order to make this work, you’ll need both a buying audience that’s large enough for you to sell your products and/or services to and generate enough profits to live on, and -. So you may love underwater basket weaving, but if there aren’t enough other people willing to buy your information or products you recommend as an affiliate, your business won’t be profitable enough to sustain your lifestyle. The exception to this caveat is that you could generate content that people are interested in and sell ad space.

The main reason owning a passion-centered business works in our digital age is that it allows you to generate multiple streams of income, some of them passive. I’ll be strictly writing about blogging and the ways in which bloggers get paid for their passions. Social media isn’t just a location for promoting your blog anymore; it can be your entire business or an additional advertising space for you to sell to businesses interested in your target audience. Tomorrow kicks off the first day, and I’m super excited to share the strategies that people are using every day to quit their jobs and spend their time doing things they really love.

Do you have passions you’re interested in learning how to monetize? Leave your questions in the comments of this post and I’ll try to fit them into the schedule for this series.

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See you tomorrow!

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