Stay Focused During Thanksgiving

I just watched this video of weight loss before and after pics. By the time it ended, I was sitting here struggling not to cry. Just for the fact that the people in the pics took full body shots of themselves, at a time when they did not like how they looked – with full expectation that one day, their ‘after’ pics would reflect how they wanted to look. Isn’t that awesome?! I think of that as momentary pain that motivates you to work for long-term success.



When its time for your Thanksgiving dinner to start, think about the 50 people in this video and how hard each of them worked to achieve their goal. Then remember your commitment to weight loss – your commitment to yourself and your health. Imagine what your ‘after’ picture is going to look like and keep in mind that Thanksgiving may only be one day, but your actions on tomorrow dictate how closer you come to your goal. Also the amount of food you consume can positively or negatively reinforce the habits you are installing in your life.


So pass the dishes, enjoy the food and celebrate with your family. Take control of tradition and control of what you put on your plate. Also keep in mind the big picture and your desire to improve your body and your health. You can do it!

3 thoughts on “Stay Focused During Thanksgiving

  1. This is awesome! I am so motivated and inspired by these wonderful people. Congratulations to them all and many blessings.

  2. I really like your cute blog. It is inspiring. Keep up the good work. Is it possible to make the fonts larger?

    I agree with Breyan some of those people turned out to be really hot. Who thought that someone so heavy would be a hottie under all that fat.

    Yes, I can relate to those people and I am having a heck of a time staying motivated. I think this week I will re-join weight watchers and stop thinking about the money I am paying them. After all I am wasting money on empty calorie foods anyway. Of course, excerise more, less tv (most of what is on tv is junk anyways), get more involved with something that interests me (make sure that something takes me out of the house). I know I can lose this excess weight is it just a matter of monitoring what I eat, staying focus and positive.

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