New Level, New Devil


Have you heard the phrase “more money more problems”? Or have you tried to learn new skills or stretch out of your comfort zone, only to face failure? Today I want to talk about one reason that might have happened.

Recognizing Your Devil

You can hope for change in your life, set goals and pursue new opportunities… but until you bring your mindset up to speed with the advancement that you’re working toward, you will be the biggest cause of your own failure.

The mind is a tool that has several functions, one of which is to keep us safe. The mind does not like the unknown because it is a potential cause of danger. We don’t live in prehistoric times anymore, where threats lurk around every corner. Our subconscious minds don’t know that, though.

Your mind will fight to the death to prevent its own annihilation. If that means that your goals have to die, instead of you taking on an unknown thread, your subconscious mind has no problem with that. Roadblocks will pop up, opportunities will vanish and you’ll be wondering what happened… you have to prepare your mind before you embark on new journeys.

How To Cope With Change

In today’s video I talk about the unknown inner obstacles that may creep up to sabotage your goals.

You don’t have to stay stuck at the same level. The key to advancement is to recognize what’s really going on and not avoiding the work you need to do, to get out of your own way.

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