Motivated Sista Circle

Introducing: Motivated Sista Circle

One of the reasons I became a motivation/personal development blogger was that I am constantly surrounded by dynamic, inspiring women. Some of those women don’t see how amazing they are (and I hope you realize your own value when I write); some of them have also taken their knowledge to the internet to teach others how to live their best lives, as I have.

I’ve assembled a circle of fabulous, motivated sistas to continue to inspire our readers to strive for success. I’ve dubbed this inspiration roundtable as the Motivated Sista Circle. Once a month, we’ll post our thoughts on an intriguing question, and hope that our collective voices will motivate you to continue to reach your goals.

May’s Motivated Sista Circle

Our question for May: how do you define success?

Anilia is an entrepreneur and blogger, who writes about motivation, personal development and self-esteem.

Anilia, Motivated Sista

My definition is balanced happiness. We’ve all heard of wealthy people who are miserable, and impoverished people living joy-filled lives. It may not be feasible for you to have your dream right now – whether it be your dream job, dream home or the relationship of your dreams. But if you have a plan to attain that dream, and you’re enjoying the journey to attain it – while managing discouragement that you’re not there yet – that is what I deem to be a success. Because joy in life doesn’t come just from the attainment of goals but also from the journey of reaching them.

Kim is a teacher by day and has her own fitness business where she helps women to get into the best shape of their lives.

Kim, Fit Sisters Boot Camp

Success is making things happen that you want to happen. It doesn’t matter what the size, big or small, a success is a success and deserves to be celebrated and acknowledged. Don’t discount small successes. Its the little ones’ that give us the confidence and motivation to try our hand at bigger goals. Make it a habit to record and acknowledge all the little successes and before you know it your bigger goals will be successful without very little effort and thought.

Danielle is a stylist and makeup artist with a financial industry background. She is also president of Urban Glamour LLC, an image consulting company that offers personal styling, wedding, and makeup services. She also edits a fashion and beauty blog, The Style and Beauty Doctor.

Danielle, The Style and Beauty Doctor

Success to me is being happy. Whether that means you’ve finally climbed the corporate ladder, or you’ve mastered being a mother, or you finally opened your own business, I believe you’re successful if whatever you do makes you leap out of bed in the morning because you can’t wait to get there.

It’s tough to be successful in your own right because from the time we enter the educational system, we’re bombarded with what everyone else deems is success. If I could go back and redo my undergraduate college experience, I would have opted to do more internships rather than work in Finance part-time. I was chasing the big salaried corporate jobs back then only to find out my heart is really in writing, fashion, and makeup…lol. I get disparaging comments (mostly from my mother) whenever I mention that once all my debts are paid, I’ll be transitioning from Finance to work full-time as a makeup artist and editor-in-chief of The Style and Beauty Doctor, but I’ve long ago learned not to let others define me.

Tamyka is a wife, mother and entrepreneur. She’s the Founder/Owner of TheCEOMamma and teach women entrepreneurs how to build a business on a budget.

Tamyka, The CEOMamma

I believe that before you can truly be successful, you must first be able to define what exactly success means to you. Some people believe that obtaining wealth equals success or even reaching the top of the corporate ladder. Others feel success is determined by marital status and living the “American Dream”. Success to me is defined as being filled with joy and having inner peace. I believe that living my life the way I see fit, makes me successful. A quote by Christopher Morley sums it up best, “There is only one success – to be able to spend your life in your own way”.

CW’s blog “Black Women Deserve Better” was an exercise in truth, self-discovery and healing. It is her mission to help Black women get the love, respect and commitment they deserve.

CW, Black Women Deserve Better

I define success as FINALLY not being ashamed of my dreams, desires, nor of who I am. In the past, I tried to hide the bits and pieces of myself that others (especially men) would probably find objectionable. Knowing now that this, was the biggest LIE I ever told -The lie to yourself usually is! Success is being courageous enough to try new things, do what you like and tell others about it without fear of disapproval. Even in the midst of failure, one can be successful by walking away from a choice, relationship or lifestyle that isn’t working. Many would rather stubbornly “stick with” a bad idea for 20 years than admit it’s time for a CHANGE. Over the years, I’ve come to believe Einstein’s theory about insanity: Doing the same thing over & over again, expecting different results. This is another mountainous obstacle to achieving anything positive. When reading interviews of those who obtained success, we can expect to learn that they’ve failed a few times before “making it”. And most have no reservation in sharing that. Finally, success is realizing that you cannot control or CHANGE others, only oneself!

So tell us, Motivated CEOs and Boss Ladies, how do you define success? Do you feel successful?

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    1. thanks for participating Mamma! I was so happy about how our first Circle came out. Now I gotta figure out why my table doesn’t show colors in Firefox…oy vey.

  1. Ha! This is great! I just found your blog after clicking a link in Jenny Blake’s blog roll… what an awesome surprise!

    I love what you’re about. I’m happy to have found you. And it really tickled me that you posted this article in particular. Looking forward to reading more of your stuff!

    Keep up that positive, “she-makes-it-happen” attitude!
    Betty Jean recently posted: What’s Your Dream Business or Career

    1. hey Betty, thanks for stopping by and adding me on Facebook! (I’m such a FB junkie…)
      I don’t think I’ve seen Jenny Blake’s blog, gotta go find her.

      I’ll be checking out your blog too. I’m working on ‘loving my work life’ too :-)

  2. Jenny Blake’s blog is called “Life After College.” One of my friend’s sent it along. She has a bunch of great blogs in her blog roll… you are one of them =)

    Please do stop by my new baby blog. I’m having fun with it. I’m geeking out on YOUR blog… I love this topic!

    Betty Jean recently posted: What’s Your Dream Business or Career

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