Listen and grow rich


How often do you feed your brain?

The key to growth is giving yourself enough nutrition. Whether that’s physical growth for your body with food, spiritual growth in your spirit with faith – or new information for your personal development.

I’m naturally an info junkie and I’m a voracious reader. I’ve found Youtube to be a goldmine in terms of free, valuable content.

Listen and grow rich

Late last year I stumbled upon the fact that Youtube has free audiobooks! If Napoleon Hill discovered that we can “think and grow rich”, you can absorb the same information via audiobooks and learn while you drive, cook, clean, or other things.

Here are some great audiobooks for you to save for your personal development library. If you have some favorites not listed here, please share them in the comments!

The Science of Getting Rich – Youtube playlist

The Science of Being Great – Youtube playlist

10 thoughts on “Listen and grow rich

    1. you’re welcome! When I realized I could listen to these in the car (via my smartphone) that really changed the game for me.

  1. Thank you for suppling these amazing Videos to us for Free most individuals have to pay for these audios thank you again.

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