Keep Your Focus During Christmas

A few days before Thanksgiving, Lisa, one of our fellow Motivated CEOs and Boss Ladies, asked me to write about staying focused during the holidays. I was busy with other things and wasn’t able to blog on that topic before Thanksgiving. Since we still have Christmas to go, its still an important tactic to consider while we focus on our goals.

Are The Holidays Any Different?

I personally love this time of year (except for the weather!). I love getting together with family and friends, reflecting on how blessed I am and being grateful for everything I have and everything I am. This year, though, because I am a vegan now, I really thought about some of the rituals that we participate in – and how those rituals can ultimately knock us off track of our goals.

I’m not going to front… having heaps and heaps of food in front of me made it extremely hard to stick to my guns and resolve to follow the lifestyle changes I’m making. I’m proud of myself that I didn’t eat any meat; but I still overate and felt tired, sluggish and a little disappointed in myself after Thanksgiving. That was definitely one of those times where I lost control of my intentions and didn’t use my willpower to stay the course.

But its a great lesson learned. Ultimately, holidays are days that we’ve made special in our minds, but they’re not any different than any other day. There’s still 24 hours in it, and once those 24 hours are gone, we can’t get them back.

We may have more tasks on holidays, less time for ourselves, and obligations for our time with the various holiday parties, shopping trips, dinners and visits that we make. But that’s no excuse for allowing ourselves to be derailed by others and to lose the momentum that we’ve worked so dilligently to build.

When You Fail To Plan…

I hate to say it, but I failed to plan how I’d use my time, which meant that I didn’t use it well at all. I had a vague idea of what I’d like to have accomplished with the time I had surrounding Thanksgiving, but I didn’t sit down and plan out how I’d use that time.

The strategy I plan to follow for Christmas is:

  • map out the actual amount of time I’ll have over Christmas
  • make a list of the tasks that I need to get done: shopping, writing, cleaning, cooking, visiting others, etc
  • schedule my time, activities and rest period
  • keep my schedule handy, so I’m not tempted to overeat, oversleep, and likewise waste time that I should be utilizing

The plan is pretty simple. The difficulty comes from making yourself stick to the schedule you’ve set.

Just like any other time, keep the vision of how you want things to be after the holidays: the body you are working to have (if you have weight loss goals/lifestyle changes); the budget you’re adhering to (so you won’t overspend); or any other goals that you need to work on during the holidays.

I feel much better about the likelihood of surviving Christmas with my goals intact. How about you? How will you implement these simple steps to make sure Christmas doesn’t derail your goals?

One thought on “Keep Your Focus During Christmas

  1. Isn’t it interesting that so much of what we are reading on blogs right now is about how not to go crazy during the holidays?! And why is that? Because we all feel pulled into the frenzy. It’s like we are all looking for a reality check. Like your timely and insightful post!

    I decided that the world would not end this year if I did not have the house lit up like a fire hazard, if I did not buy piles of presents for my kids who already can’t find anyplace to put things in their rooms — if, instead, I just enjoyed visiting with friends, reading in front of the fire, and sharing my abundant blessings with those who might need a few extra blessings.
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