Do Your Dreams Have Power?

I’m so excited to bring to you a new series I’ve been working on – called The Power of Your Dreams. In this series I show you how to use those dreams you have about the life you want to fuel your achievement.

In this introduction video I explain why I created this video series and how you can benefit from it. I also give you the structure and steps you need to use the power of your dreams to be the awesome person you were created to be.

As always, I welcome your comments and feedback to our discussion.

One thought on “Do Your Dreams Have Power?

  1. “Falling in love with your dreams.” I love that image. I had not heard that expression–the power of your why. That got me to thinking. I think my why is living a fully awakened life. That’s not very specific. But when I think of purpose, I always come back to that. As I’ve gotten older, my goals have moved from outside goals and ambitions to inside goals and aspirations. I enjoyed seeing and hearing you “in person.” And I can readily understand why you are so successful.
    Galen Pearl recently posted: Falling into Now

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