The biggest injustice in your life

How often are you on Facebook or Twitter? I usually visit for a few minutes each day. Sometimes I get inspired to talk about the trends I see happening on either website.

It absolutely hurts my heart to see so many capable, dynamic women who are wasting their talents every day. I get comments and emails about what people are planning to do – and I see people being stuck in their comfort zones with fear of failure holding them back.

If you were upset about Troy Davis, you should also be upset that you’re not living in your full potential. It’s sad that he’s dead and gone, but what about you? You’re still alive and breathing, yet you’re not doing everything you can to live life to the fullest.

Don’t waste your God-given gifts by continuing to play small. Take at least one step today to get closer to your dreams.

3 thoughts on “The biggest injustice in your life

  1. Transgressions and experiences of injustice in your personal life are not only motivating towards action, but they also have the effect of lowering your experience of risk. This can easily work against you as when you say something hurtful in a heated moment. But if you can connect to the injustice of your personal predicament and make a sense of transgression motivate your work for a better life you will have less fear of failure and more energy in your efforts.

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