My blog is about various topics of interest to the ambitious goal-setter. Here you’ll find some of the articles I’ve written on relationships, personal development and the law of attraction, among other categories.


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Why Can’t You?

You Are Not Your Circumstances


Personal Development

On Days When  You’re Not Feeling It

The Scam Of Unselfishness

Take Time For Small Moments

Fences Aren’t Made For Straddling

What’s The Story In Your Head?

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Write Your Own Playbook



Swallow Your Fear Of Success

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What I Want To Be When I Grow Up

What Self Love Really Means



10 Reasons My Grandad Is My Hero

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Maximize Your Return On Investment

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No More Mr. Nice Guy (Part II)

How Do You Determine Your Behavior In Relationships?

Four Ways To Get Mom In Your Corner

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How To Treat Dating Like A Job Search

How To Treat Dating Like A Job Search (Part II)

How To Treat Dating Like A Job Search (Part III) 



10 Reasons To Be Happy Right Now

Sleepwalking And Donuts

Time To Pay What You Owe

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10 Reasons Dorothy Height Is My She-Ro

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10 Reasons Why Esperanza Spalding Is My She-Ro

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50 Black She-Roes And Why We Love Them

50 Black She-Roes Part 3: Singers and Actresses

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50 Black She-Roes Part 5: Historical Firsts


Law of Attraction

Life Is Just Like Frozen Custard

Your Best Vision Board Ever

Take Your Vision Farther

How To Keep The Motivation Going

Time To Update Your Vision Board

“I Just Want To Be Successful” 

The Secret of Autosuggestion



Change Your Mind, Change Your Body

What Are Your Guilty Pleasures?

Put Your Life First

Getting Back On The Wagon

Four Ways To Deal With Burnout

Why You Should Be Concerned About AIDS?


Book Reviews 

Reclaim Your Dreams by Jonathan Mead

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway

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