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focusI’ve always been different and as early as I can remember, I knew this about myself. Most of the time I haven’t been interested in the same things as my friends, such as reality tv, landing my ‘dream job’, or getting attention from guys and wearing designer handbags. If I had to pick one characteristic to define me, I’d say a thirst for knowledge and adventure has always been at the forefront of my mind.

Where It All Started

I grew up in an extended family, and my dad’s side is from Haiti. I was always aware that I was very intelligent and creative, and that I’d be the first in my family to attend college. This never bothered me and I never felt pressure to live up to my family’s expectations; they always told me that I was smart enough to succeed at anything I wanted to do. I am a natural nerd and excelling in school was something I always wanted to do for myself anyway.

I was the type of kid that checked out the max number of books from the library on each visit, and my granddad would always chuckle when he helped me carry them to the car. Sometimes I’d get picked on in elementary school when I always got free pizza coupons for reading the most books over the summer, or for getting A+ grades on our tests. To this day, when I go back to Florida to visit my mom, she fusses at me for packing extra books in my luggage… especially if they’re heavy, like Harry Potter novels. I’ve always been this way – she should expect it by now!

My dad was pretty smart too, and so are my two brothers. Sadly my father passed away when I was 11, never having realized his dream of becoming a math professor. When he immigrated to the US, he didn’t receive credit for his high school diploma earned in Haiti, so he had to earn a GED on top of learning English.

By the time I was born he was resolved to work hard for his young family; college never happened for him. I watched him work 2-3 jobs and my mom always worked really hard… they just didn’t have a lot of money.

One of the defining questions of my life has been “why do some people reach success, but not others?”

My Passion For Internet Marketing

By the time I made it to college, my older brother occupied the space left in my mind for a father figure/hero. He’s a great guy and he influenced me to be a hard worker, create a vision for my life and dream big. I remember one semester in college where he called me up all excited to show me something great. He wanted me to tell a bunch of my friends to come over, and he drove up from where he lived about 2 hours away.

When he got there, he broke out the white board, drew some circles and diagrams… he was my introduction into the network marketing industry. I joined at least 3 of the opportunities he told me about, until finally I realized that I hated talking to people. I’m an introvert – I’d rather have my nose in a book somewhere.

I remember how I felt the first time I made a sale online. I heard my phone buzzing and wondered who was texting me. When I saw the email notification I almost fell out my chair! After years of struggling, I’d finally cracked the code.

Once the sales started rolling in, I realized that I wasn’t after just getting sales – I wanted to live the location independent lifestyle. That would require more strategy and planning than just making sales online. I needed to develop a plan.

My brother started me on the path to financial freedom and I’m determined to get there. I’ve had so many detours on this journey… I fell for every shiny new object I saw, constantly buying the next book, course, coaching program… whatever promised to give me the answers I was looking for. And each time, I’d swallow my disappointment and resolve to keep looking for the blueprint that would set me free.

The Best Is Yet To Come

The hardest thing about my journey has been to stay motivated when I constantly hit roadblocks. I’m single and I don’t have kids, so my “why” has never been about providing a better life for my family. I graduated from law school in 2007, so I’ve never been homeless living in a van… or delivering pizzas while living in my mom’s basement.

What I’ve always craved is autonomy, freedom from the drudgery of a 9 to 5, the ability to work on the projects I choose, time and space to write, and the opportunity to travel and explore the world without having to ask a boss for permission to go.

All of those ebooks, courses, and training finally paid off when I dropped my assumptions and illusions of what internet marketing ‘should’ be. Once I left the false promise of “push button profits” behind, followed a real, proven system and took action daily, that’s when things started changing for me.

My real breakthroughs came from following the right teachers. Not just marketers saw me as an email or blog subscriber, but people who truly cared about my success. Picking someone’s brain who’s achieved the results you want has been priceless for me.

My biggest lesson has been to constantly move past my fears. The recipe for success isn’t complicated… if you’ve been in the internet marketing industry for at least a year then you’ve learned the recipe you need. The problem comes from all the junk in your brain that holds you back every day.

Subscribe to my blog and stayed tuned as I discuss the methods that really work, give my hard-won advice on how to get out of your own way, and we’ll relish in your success together. Let’s reach the finish line together.

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