6 Reasons Why You Are Extraordinary

  1. When you were created, there wasn’t a mold for you. You were created uniquely and do not have a replica in the entire world.
  2. Even though we live in a cookie-cutter society, the being that you are cannot fit into the box that conformity requires of you.You hear the call of your spirit as it struggles to break free of its external constraints.
  3. From the moment you took your first breath, you were equipped with talents, abilities and interests that no one else has. You are extraordinary because no one else can utilize these tools in the way that you can, while getting as much joy from the usage as you can.
  4. You’re committed to improving yourself, striving for success, and living your best life possible.
  5. You realize that all-that-you-are is not composed solely of your physical body. You connect to your spirit, strengthen and monitor your mind and care for your vessel that holds it all together. You seek balanced harmony.
  6. You know that you’re in control of your destiny, and every day you actively shape the course of your life.

Did I just describe you? Did I leave something out? What are the other reasons why you’re extraordinary?

13 thoughts on “6 Reasons Why You Are Extraordinary

  1. I like the imagery of the clay in the potters hands. It makes me think of a scripture in the Bible, and that every individual is distinguishly shaped and care for, for his or her unique purpose! Enjoyed the read!

  2. Wrote something similar for myself back in March and posted it as a FB note. Found myself savoring it again last night…a constant reminder. Your piece only affirm for me that I am on the right path.

  3. #6. “You know that you’re in control of your destiny, and every day you actively shape the course of your life.”

    I really needed this today. My father used to always tell me to never allow anyone to have control over my destiny. I’m 42, and FINALLY remembering how to trust myself.

    Thank you so much for the reminder.

  4. At a point in life I realized that I was the only one who could create my destiny by being a Dreamer and by having FAITH in GOD. A Qutoe from Robert H. Schuller “Believe in the power of GOD to give you a new dream. And bear in mind that if you can dream it, YOU CAN DO IT!

    Great Article Anilia…..

  5. Numbers 2 – 4 really spoke to me today. I’ve broken out of my shell, spread my wings, and leaned forward off of the cliff. I’m sailing…now how and where I’m gonna land, I have no idea. I just decided to do it.

    1. where would you like to land, Miss V? Or is now a free flying time for you? The how is always unpredictable to a certain degree… but the end point is something you can select now and aim for.

      I’md glad you decided to do it and found freedom in your actions! Good stuff.

  6. Ms. Anilia, the more I read your posts, the more I realize that the successful pursuit and finish of my bachelors degree is up to me. I can’t just use my faith in Jesus as a crutch; sure He’s God, but a Father too, and He isn’t going to just magically make things happen if I’m not doing my part to make things happen (studying, turning in assignments). I have to do what I have control over, and He’ll do what I cannot. Laziness and procrastination due to doubt and fear of failure, and possibly even my families poisonous philosophies on life have had me in bondage for dang near my full 23 years of life. I feel like in praying over what I read in your posts that the question being posed is, “what if everything you’ve believed up to this point has been a lie? The isms, schisms, and they-says of society.” It’s starting to click, who said that I have to be who society says that I should be–this question extends to my mom, family, and associates. The Creator, God my Father, created me to do something huge in this vapor of a life. You asked me to consider reflecting on WHY I’m pursuing a degree, well simply put it’s so I can be better equipped as not only a youth basketball coach, but also as a youth mentor and role model. I work for the YMCA as a after-school program lead/summer teen camp lead, and truthfully I don’t consider this work. Instead I see it as I get to go and hangout with my babies everyday, and I just so happened to get paid to do so. The paycheck sucks, but I don’t care, seeing them have fun while developing character confidence and leadership skills is golden to me. My life mission statement is this, “I mentor/model/coach at-risk youth to show that they do not have to live up to the numerous labels often unfairly branded on them–there ARE other options.” These children are why I get up each morning, and yes I do believe I’m the only one passionate about helping them. I’m talked about and such by my coworkers but I don’t care. I’m not budging on this, there’s a need, and I am the one who cares enough and the one that God has fully equipped to meet it. I feel my confidence as a leader and young entrepreneur growing. Thank you for playing a hand in this.

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