12 Expectations for 2012

Maybe it’s just me, but the end of 2011 was a real doozy.

It seemed like almost everyone I knew experienced tragedy of some kind. Whether they were laid off, a loved one died, or they battled a health crisis, I just kept hearing of bad things happening to good people.

Do you think this year will be better? Here’s a better question – what do you plan to do to make it better?

I have big plans for 2012 and I hope you do too! Create a list of your expectations – we receive what we expect, not just what we hope or wish for! Post it near your desk so you look at it every day. Then go out and do the work to cause your expectations to come into your life.

Here are 12 expectations I have for 2012:

  1. I expect greater abundance. This year, I expect the ability to quit my day job and run my coaching business full time. I’ve created a marketing plan and I will follow the plan to attract more clients.
  2. I expect greater joy.
  3. I expect love. I expect to attract and date wonderful men, and I expect that I’ll start a committed, romantic relationship this year. I also expect that I’ll strengthen my bonds with family and friends and to support those who are moving forward in their lives.
  4. I expect fun. I expect to enjoy myself! All work and no play makes Anilia a very dull girl. I expect to do more of the things I love and enjoy.
  5. I expect happiness. I expect to have time to do the small things that bring me happiness for no reason. I expect to find more of these things that I hadn’t realized before.
  6. I expect good health. I expect to release unhealthy eating habits and  excess weight. I expect to gain mental clarity, better health, restful sleep and to enjoy eating healthy, unprocessed foods. I also expect to become more physically fit and to exercise daily.
  7. I expect new experiences. In order to learn new things and reach greater success, I have to push myself out of my comfort zone. I expect to meet new people and do different things, which will cause me to view life and the people in my world just a bit differently. I expect to have new experiences as a result.
  8. I expect expanded vision. I expect to read more, expand my mindset and believe in new possibilities. I also expect to improve my mindset in the areas that need improvement.
  9. I expect new relationships. From the new experiences I’ll have in 2012, I expect to gain lifelong colleagues and friends who are also high achievers and forward moving. I also expect to meet mentors who will help me reach the next level of my business success and in life.
  10. I expect new perspectives. From the expansion of my mindset and social circle, I expect to learn how to look at things more efficiently. I also expect to improve my ability to think outside of the box.
  11. I expect greater wealth. I expect to learn more about investing and other ways to grow financially. I expect to improve my mindset about money and attract even more into my life. I expect the new experiences and relationships I’ve formed to positively influence my wealth.
  12. I expect renewal. I expect to receive enough rest and to adequately care for myself. I expect minimal illness or injury. I expect to feel refreshed and energized.

What expectations do you hold for 2012? And how can I help you realize those expectations in your life?

7 thoughts on “12 Expectations for 2012

  1. You couldnt have made a better list my sistah! I expect so much more for myself , just as well as my family this year. Such as a better job, healthier lifestyle, & a closer relationship with God, & the list goes on.. Thanx for the post ! I expect great things & many blessings this year ..

  2. My expectations for 2012 are all summed up with two words…..No Limits! I am going completely out of my comfort zone in just about everything. There are endless possibilities for me and as long as I am walking with my Lord, there are absolutely no boundaries for the things I am going to do. #goodbyeexcuses 😉

  3. In 2012, I expect to be blow away by all the new opportunities that present themselves. I expect to increase the love in my life. I expect passion to be a driving force for 2012.

  4. Anilla baby , You could have not said it any better than you did. And ,I know ;I am not speaking proper english at this time. But do to the comments, you hit the nail on the head baby. I have been a caretaker most of my life. And .I said this year is my year too. I am a Jazz vocalist, I am 56 years old. And this is my year; I am going to start my on productions in promoting artist. And with Gods help ,I can do it. Case closed,school is out. Love you Respectfully Yours Victoria.

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